[HELP] Jagged edges when rendering in EEVEE

Hi, I have a problem when rendering in EEVEE, when I use real time viewport, there is no problem with the scene but when I render, there are jagged edges on the background. I don’t know how to fix it and I hope you can help me.

I also attach the .blend file in case you want to study further. Thank you for your help.

The scene seems fine without any problem

This is the render result with bad background. Model still looks good.


Hi Nguyen_Thanh_Hai,

I have no jagged-edges.
What happens if you render image smaller… etc. 1280x720 (Maybe Vram or Driver Problem?)
Or you try an newer Blender-Build.

Thank you for replying, I found it had problem with my HDR background :smiley: I removed HDR and everything worked! Thank you again.

Have a nice day

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