Help Joining Faces Blender Cycles render

Hey All,

I’ve tried several methods to fix this object and none have worked yet.

I’m very new to blender, so please be kind.

I’m uploading the project file and a screen shot.

Basically, one side of my object is all screwed up and should have one face, but instead it’s busted up all crazy.

BIG SYN LOGO.blend (504 KB)

Looks like a result of using boolean operations to model which makes a mess, and for some reason part of it is separated to another object.

  • select and join the objects. ctrl+J
  • select all geometry and remove doubles, W -> remove doubles
  • split concave faces, mesh menu -> clean up: split concave faces
  • select none, select non-manifold, ctrl+alt+shift+M
  • find and fix open edges and overlapping geometry that makes the mesh non-manifold

Attaching a .blend is good. It didn’t have images packed in and the file wasn’t compressed, in case you’re assuming it would. Tutorial linked in my signature shows how to have those.

That’s not a screenshot. It’s a cropshot that hides the feedback from the interface. Don’t crop images when asking questions.


BIG SYN LOGO2.blend (94.7 KB)