Help - Joining meshes

When u duplicate a segment, inside a tube-
so that the vertices u duplicated are along the tube,
is there a way to join them without having to delete the edges
and manually making faces?

Can you be more specific as to what you’re trying to accomplish?
Oh, are you trying to make a pipe?

Just created a table, and i have a bar going accoss the legs which is just an extended ring segment.
But looking at the image, i want to add another bar to the frame, hence duplicate the ring segment with the
bar attached and add it into the mesh. since it is an exact duplicate of the ring segment, and i moved it along the “Z” axis only so that the vertices are still on the edges, can i just splice them into the table leg.


If i create a circle with a face, can i cut a small circle into it? perhaps by created another one exactly on the mesh, there should be a cut tool?

the easiest way would be the first thing. Simply make intersecting meshes. No need to cut out holes in the bar. (I’m not sure if this is what you need).


Intersecting meshes is good, but im pretty pedantic, and insist on making as much as possible from the one material, is possible. because i dont like the look of meshes passing through each other

Point taken.
Then you could use the geom tool. In edit mode - scripts - geom-tool
You will need to create two cylinder objects, join the meshes (Ctrl J)and have them intersect.
Then use the function intersect face(s) cut.
Now delete the faces and verts you don’t need.
Select the intersecting verts - extrude and maybe align the verts at the end of the bar.


hmm, thats exactly what i wanted to hear, but cant get it to work, know any tutes on this, pref video? (i got a short attention span)

Don’t know any tutorials on this, so I’ll try this way. Hope it works out:eyebrowlift:

  1. Create two cylinders. Scale one up so it’s bigger than the other. (Top left image)
  2. Place the cylinders so they intersect, moving the smaller cylinder so that one end of it is “inside” the bigger one. (This is important as you will get a royal mess if you don’t.) (Bottom left image)
  3. Join the objects (Ctrl-J) - enter edit-mode and select all verts. (Top middle image)
  4. go to mesh - scripts - geom tool and select “intersect face(s) cut” (Bottom middle image)
  5. deselect all - select the verts “inside” the big cylinder. Delete them! (Top right image)
  6. enter “face select mode” and delete the faces you don’t want (Probably the faces where the two cylinders join) (Bottom right image)
  7. Finish. See image in my first post.




cheers mate, havnt been able to get round to tryin it yet, keep u posted

dude, everything sounds cool but i cant find teh geom or intersect faces tool?
am i missing something?
wat version are you running?

You definitely need to start shoving things through the mesh, I use to worry about that all the time, I wanted everything to be “connected”. Get over it, you will go far. The only time it needs to be actually connected is when you need a welded look like on a bicycle. Real objects like cars, chairs, tables, are made of pieces as well. I suggest you try to work on where the objects join, create a ridge or notch to make them meet better, then shove that thing right through!

I’m running 2.49 b, but it’s also in 2.48
The scripts are only found in edit-mode.
If you don’t want to use this tool, which connects the meshes, you could also try to use the retopo-tool. But you’ll need to look for tutorials on how to use this. I’ve only used this a couple of times and don’t quite remember how.

Here’s a screeny: