Help: Joining two blend files

I made two complex objects but both in different blender files. I wish to use both of them in same picture which i will render in 2nd blend file… So I need to have 1st blend file’s object in the 2nd one. How to do so?

you can append from other files. i think the hot-key is shift-F1. you can append objects, meshes, groups, scenes, etc.

Shift+F1 to append objects from one blend file into another

If you download a very recent version of Blender (buildbot or graphicall) , you’ll see that copy pasting (shortcut being CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste) between .blend files is now finally possible and works great so far from what i tested.

You simply load a blend, select the object(s) you want to copy, press CTRL+C , confirm that you want to copy the selection to the buffer.
Then you load your other blend, and press CTRL+V , confirm that you want to paste from the buffer and you’ll have what you copied from the previous blend into the new one.

But as said, you’ll need a very recent version of Blender, stable 2.65a does not have that feature (but future stable 2.66 will have it)

Hmm my blender is installed via a PPA. so maybe it’s daily build. It’s written 2.65a+svn<number>…