help- Juliet model

I’m trying to make a 3D version of Juliet (R&J) but Blender is refusing to weight paint, I start from scratch by importing my MakeHuman model, then the matching skeleton. I rotate the skeleton to match the model, turn on Stick and X-ray, then smooth out the model just because I want to. Then I select the skeleton, put it in pose mode, select the model, and turn on Texture paint. I have a bone selected, and sometimes it lets me paint the first area, but if I change the veiw or try to paint a different bone, it gets rid of my painting and won’t let me continue. If you help me, I’ll let you see the pretty model when I’m done.

I’m not sure why you brought texture paint into it, weight paint is the right one. If you are new to rigging / skinning in Blender, I would try making a new file with just a sphere or something and two bones. Keep it really simple and see if you can get that to work. Then try again on the more complicated MH mesh and your rig. If it still doesn’t work, then we might need some more details to help you out.

Two other things that might help:

Weight paint only shows the weight of the bone you have selected, so the other painting is supposed to ‘disappear’.

You didn’t seem to mention parenting the mesh to the armature / skeleton or using an armature modifier. Two ways to do the same thing, but needed.

Wow! I didn’t think of parenting it, and now that you suggested it, I don’t even have to paint it! Thanks!

BTW, I meant weight painting.

Now on to phase II of the assignment!

On second thouht I need help with making clothes for my new character. :confused:

I spoke too soon for the upteenth time. Maybe you should ignore me.

I don’t make characters that wear clothes, but if i did…I would use the shrinkwrap modifier, just make a rough outline and then shrinkwrap it to the model.

I get the feeling I would get some messed up comments if I didn’t give my model clothes. :wink: I found a nice tutorial, though, uses a replica of the model, decapitated, with a different texture.

EDIT: I’m getting some trouble because I didn’t decimate the clothes, and also is it possible to let physics kick in and then export the model in that state?

Does anyone know how to do hair? I got till monday/tuesday, not sure I want to just model it freehand and hope it looks nice.