Help keeping particle-generated hair from penetrating mesh objects

How can i keep hair (using cycles particle system in Blender 2.68a, 2.68.1 r58706) from going through mesh objects laid on top of it? It seems from the checkbox “Die on hit” under hair’s Physics setting should do the job, but i can’t find any Physics attribute (Collision, Force Field, Rigid Body) that gives the mesh objects the ability to “kill” hair particles. Thanks.

Have a same problem… Please update if you find out.

Hair Collision is not yet supported. But there are some workarounds. Hair reacts to force fields. So you can define the mesh as a force field. Hair emitting and force field can’t be the same object. There is a good video for that ( ).

I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking for. Are you asking how to make another object push hair down out of the way, like a hat would, or are you asking for hairs to disappear at the point where they intersect another object, sort of masking them out? It sounds like you mean the latter of those two, but that seems weird to me.

Thanks for the replies. Actually, K. Horseman, I’d take an explanation of how to do either of those possibilities, as the central goal is simply to avoid the appearance of hair going through a mesh. Here’s a picture of what i am trying to avoid: three hairs emitting from the plane, all three of them going through the separate mesh can:

The idea solution would be for the hair to deflect when it hits the can. But I can’t seem to find any combination of collision or force field that seems to do that. So in lieu of that, I’d be happy with what “Die on hit” sounds like - either the hair stops growing at the point it contacts the can, or any hair contacting the can just dies from its source.