Help label my beer!!!

I don’t know why this texture will not display the image the way it is supposed to but I’ve gone beyond frustration.

edit: please use the link to the packed file below

The image is supposed to display the word home across the faces of the beer can facing the camera. I’ve put images on my meshes before but this just doesn’t seem to want to work. If any kind soul out there would take a look at this and let me know what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it.

BTW: this model is for a series of buttons to go on a website… just in case you were wondering…

main problem i have is that you didn’t pack the file, which means that the actual picture isn’t displayed. Could you include the picture and then i might be able to work it out.

Ooops! My bad. Sorry. Here is the packed file.

got the answer in chat from ScottishPig. Just to let everyone know.