Help! Lamp and Sound in game engine

Help!!! How to make in Blender a lamp (spot) as in Half life 2?!!
very much I do not like the built in lamps!

and whether still a problem-is not present of a script for loading sounds in OGG?Wav very much not an economical piece!

I think if you want help with that sort of question you’ll have to provide images to demonstrate what it is that you want. I think just yelling “HELP I WANT THIS” isn’t the best approach and isn’t as likely to get a good response. You must be able to add something to make this questions easier to answer. :slight_smile:

Select the lamp
Go to the shading buttons (F5)
Click on “spot” on the buttons to the left (next to the picture of the material).


If you want it to appear decently in the game engine, you’ll have to subdivide your mesh quite a few times, otherwise the spotlight will only light the one face it’s hitting. here’s an example with different levels of subdivision.

Looks like crap… though I know there’s a way to get it to look better, just can’t figure it out right now.


FILE NOT FOUND (not to download :()

PIZDEC ! Nu kto nibud znaet? Ladno blya, obidno…

Try right-clicking and hitting “save target as” or copying and pasting the link into the address bar.

How to use .ogg format for the game engine is explained here using pygame. its not mine but i beleive it will prove useful for you.

Ye. Download complite. Thank.

[!] hard [!]

Z-Nissa. Zdarova. Kak sdelat spot kak v HALF-LIFE2 ? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

use Direct x 9.0
he he he =)

use Direct x 9.0
he he he =)[/quote]

Problem in sound. Me to need basic blender 2.34, for import *ogg.

if you really need to use .ogg files the youll most likely have to figure out how to use the pygame method i mentioned earlier. im pretty sure there is no basic blender way to use .ogg files in the game engine.
Alot of features are not in the game engine but you can get some of them by using advanced techniques. Using .ogg files is just one of these features.