Help - Lattice hook bones move with head bone


I have a lattice with hooks. I have parented these hooks to bones so they are easier to move.
Currently if I rotate the head bone the lattice, hooks and bones (bones for the hooks) stay in the same place and do not follow the head.

I have tried parenting the lattices and the hooks and also bones for the hooks in all different combinations.
I have it so they follow the head bone when it is rotated, but it completely messes up the mesh as well.

I am attaching the blend file for just the head part of my model. In this version nothing to do with the lattice is parented to the head bone, this is so you can have a go doing it and see if you get the same mess I do.
I have also tried positioning the lattice modifier in different places in the modifier stack.

Got me stumped this one.

Thanks for any help you can give :slight_smile:



Head lattice.blend (638 KB)

gh256, I did indeed make a mess. I am curious, why use the lattice at all? Can’t you do it all with bones? I have rigged quite a few characters, and never needed a lattice such as this. IMO you are trying to make the rig too complicated.

Parent each thing to the head bone- select lattice, then empties with shift-click, and then the head last. Ctrl-p, to bone. The object you want to be the parent has to be selected last.

Yes I know the order of clicking to parent to the head. It still all messes up, give it a go with attached file.

I have seen 3 video tutorials all useing a lattice for extra face animation including mancandy.
I would be happy to see one that uses just bones as well.

I’m open to learning new things as well but also would like to solve the problem I have.

The thing is the 3 I saw all had the lattices, hooks and patented bones following the head and jaw bone just fine. Fit some reason mine won’t but it should
be able to.

Thanks, Glenn.

you want this to happen right? I’m not going to go through the whole thing and parent everything, but you get the idea.
Are you shift clicking the head last so that it is selected along with everything else, ctrl-p, to bone?


Head lattice2.blend (687 KB)

Hi there.

I have parented the 3 lattices to the head bone. I have also parented the bones that move the lattice to the head (and lower jaw where needed).
The lattice hooks are parented to the bones which move them.

It still doesn’t work correctly, the whole body moves when moving the head bone and the eyes pop out of the head (which they didn’t do before parenting). It also looks like the bones around the face do not move in sync with the head bone.

I have included the full blend file so you can see what I mean.

Thanks for your help.


Frank face.blend (879 KB)

Problem solved. I’m not quite sure what I did, possible moved the bones in edit mode after parenting them to the hooks.

I’m not sure but I deleted all the lattices, hooks and parented bones and started again. Seems to work now fine so I didn’t do what ever stupid thing I did before :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the help guys.