[HELP] Looking for resources (books, tutorials, etc.)

I would like to make my first (simple) game :cool: using blender. Where should I start? I have some java experience, but none in python :spin:, and I know how to make basic models in blender. Before, I dive right into it :ba:, I was hoping to get some good resources to read first or watch :D.

I would recommend Goran Milovanovic’s tutorials.
They are clear, rigorous and well presented.
And they are free.

Start here, for example:


any game engine

What you see - action animated or physics animated mesh

What you don’t - physics object that applies forces and movements

So you need a system to trigger animations, while applying forces.

Here is a logic based motion demo without actions,
and another with actions.

KeypressRot = A logic based method for a 90 rotation animation.

Third person demo - Cube = animated mesh , Empty = physics bounds object and force applier.

Throttle - early work on a flight simulator - uses python to apply a property as a force, and has “Torque_Mouse”
by Kevin_C - :smiley:

let me know if you need some help,

there is also some physics based camera rigging in the third person demo.
Press P, (start the game) and

QE- rotate camera
wsad - move
ZC- Zoom in and out


KeypressRot.blend (445 KB)3rd_person_cam_beta (1).blend (469 KB)Throttle.blend (566 KB)

I would like to thank everyone for the GREAT! advice. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. I got a lot of reading to do.

I found the Blender Cookie tutorials very helpful for getting up to speed on working with the BGE. I like them because they start from the absolute beginning and follow the concept though several levels of complexity. Stand-alone tutorials are better once you know how everything works.