Help make Python better: talk to the Python pip UX Team

Hi there,

My name is Bernard Tyers - I’m a UX researcher and designer working on pip - the Python package manager, used to install Python code.

You might (or might not!) be aware that you are using a program called pip when using Python and Blender.

My work at the moment is improving the usability of pip, for all users. Right now, a lot of what pip does can be confusing and complicated for people who are not Python experts. Our objective is to understand how to improve that.

Between now and early-mid September we want to hear from Blender users so we can learn about:

  • Who uses pip and how that affects their understanding of what pip does?
  • How do users’ disabilities affect their usage of pip?
  • How does pip documentation help users?
  • What pip functionality is important to users?

We’re looking to speak with people of all background - so far we’ve had a lot of response from programmers, developers (for obvious reasons) but we’re very conscious that there are MANY “non-programming” users, so we are also specifically looking to hear from those who don’t identify themselves as a “programmer”. We’re looking to hear from designers, artists, videographers, modellers who use Python - and therefore pip - as part of their creative process.

(I use Python for my UX work but I wouldn’t consider myself a programmer.)

If you want to take part, first thing is to sign-up here:

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll then send you information about the research we’re planning.

I’m happy to answer any questions about this UX work in the forum.

Forum mods: I hope it’s acceptable for me posting this message. If there’s any questions, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your time,
Python Software Foundation pip UX Team
[email protected]


Really good initiative, I find it really positive that you can evaluate the user feedback. Most importantly, not closing the door to beginners because a beginner now, can become an expert in a few years that develops something cool. :slight_smile: