Help Making a 3d Multi-Color Logo

Hey folks,

I’m new to Blender; I’ve done a few tuts on and finished the Still Life Scene using cycles successfully. I wanted to add my own logo to the finished room. Here is the 2d design:

When I try to import the .svg file of it that I did in Inkscape, it loads as multiple objects and I can’t extrude them together. When I load the .png as a background image and try to trace the logo, I still get multiple objects (individual letters) that I don’t know how to extrude simultaneously.

Any help would be appreciated.

how about join them together? select all the objects you want to join the hit Ctrl+J

or why don’t you model it by yourslef? it’s fun, :slight_smile:

sorry I stole your design,

but here’s the blend file for exchange :slight_smile:
if u want to add it to your scene,
open your scene, hit Shift+f1, browse the blend file, click it, go into object folder, then u will see the list of the objects inside the blend file, just choose the object you want and append it,

happy blending :slight_smile:


yaway.blend (353 KB)

Even if you have several objects extruded individually, snapping could help to adjust height of extrusion.

If you trace and want several shapes traced as one object, trace one shape, then unselect all points and Ctrl-leftclick start on a next one.
Ctrl-leftclick adds lone curve point or mesh vertex/edge if nothing is selected, then just continue to trace.

you could use a font and set almost min verts to make your letter also!

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Thanks for the help guys, and thanks vllano, for the link. I really want to be able to do something like this from scratch in blender as well, so I’m going to try eppo’s suggestion as well as vllano’s. I might mess with fonts in blender a little later; right now I’m still trying to get the hang of basic tracing and modeling.

I’m going for a ceramic texture in the cycles renderer for the logo. Can I treat the faces of the arrow as a separate texture from the rest of the “w” so I can have a ceramic red and a ceramic white?


after importing the SVG, you should have the letters and shapes as different objects with colors assigned already. Just keep them that way, so you can extrude and bevel them, all without converting to mesh (using the controls in the curve properties).
I tried that and attached the blend for you to have a look at (I also cleaned up the materials a little, so there’s only two materials. The importer created one material per shape).


yaway_test.blend (404 KB)

Thank you, Mettanine, for the file to look at.

I must admit, my noobness is impairing me from dissecting what you did. I don’t know, for instance, how to make all of one material one object; was that the join tool? I’d love to be able to bevel just the outside of the object and connect the red and white of the “W” and arrow such that there is no bevel where they touch.

I haven’t had the time to experiment properly with the functions we’ve discussed in the thread yet; I’ve had a deadline occupying my attention this week.

I have had a chance to render a 3d version of the logo implemented in the Still Life tutorial that I did. I still have no idea what’s wrong with the pitcher. Other glass objects seem to render fine.

Blender’s great; I can’t wait to get over the initial learning curve.

Yes, simple as that.

That won’t work with the method I used (or at least I can’t figure out an easy way right now… might be doable with some clever texturing). You’d have to join the curves into one object, convert to mesh and then create two materials for the W object and assign them to the correct faces. See here for how to do it.

I did that with the earlier file, so here it is again with the changes. Hope it’s a little easier to decipher… :slight_smile:


yaway_test2.blend (437 KB)

Mettanine, I couldn’t figure out how to extrude the imported svg file without converting it to mesh. Whenever I hit the “E” key, it just moved the object without converting it to 3d.

It works differently with curves. You can set the extrusion size and bevel strength in the properties panel.

Thank you all so much; you’ve helped me out a lot! I have one more question. I’ve been trying to trace the logo in blender, but I can’t figure out how to remove the center of the arrow; it always textures the whole thing.

If you work with curves, place another set of segments inside the another one.

I don’t know how to work with curves yet; is that the only way to do it?