Help making a big game

Does anyone want to help me make a big FPS game? It’ll take a while but I’m sure we can do it. Shoot me an email if ur interested.
email: [email protected]

Dude. Are you sure you know what you’re doing??? This really sounds like one of those newbie dream projects that never go anywhere. When you post an announcement for the start of a game project, you should probably tell of your prior experience with blender, maybe the storyline of the game and how you believe this game should be completed.

So… What is your prior experience with blender?

P.S. i see you’re an Eragon fan :wink:

honestly I’ve only done video with blender, and I’ve done some game stuff. i was hoping to do the modeling and whoever helps could work more on the programing and in game effects. I always have trouble with the physics settings. I’m a fare modeler, which is good because I do a lot of special effects. In fact I’m working on a zombie movie where there are all these background plate and environment.

Story Line:
The game is about a mass murder. It takes us from his childhood through his work in WWII and to where he is interned in alcatraz prison and escapes driving the city of san francisco into the ground. there wont be any huge battle scenes in the WWII era, mostly assassinations and underground stuff.

PS. Yes I’m an eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr fan :wink:

There aren’t going to be too many levels. It started as a comic book series, then was developed into a few short film, and now we want to make a game.

i could help, but not full-time, as all of us here are making some sort of game;). if you can set up actions, ipos, and models (i can do textures if you want, as i am good at all three material types), then include a text file saying EXACTLY what you want done with each object(as in physically and logically[and texturedly, if you want]), i will do the rest.

I guess I could do some coding and logic…but it would be nice to see some plans or something…