Help Making A Blanket

Hey, I’ve looked through all the tutorials I could find, but can’t find one on how to make a fuzzy-looking texture that I need for a blanket I’m trying to do.

Unfortunately, I can’t use particles or anything intensive though, because the file I’m making the blanket in already comes close to killing my computer when I try to render it…


ya i was wondering the same

my only thinking is a stucci textured to bump but i don’t think it gives realistic results!

yes help! :frowning:

Use two cloud textures, each in seperate chanells and each with the same colors (preferably only 2). Set the noise value and noise depth of one channel different to the other (if the first is default set the second to 0.300 and depth 4). UV the stripes and seams and add them as a texture in a 3rd channel, fold with wave action or lattice and rumple it with PET.