help making a brass texture

i am making an ornimental piece and its frame is a pollished brass but I can’t for the life of me get the brass to look right all.

so far this is my best effort after about 10 mins of tweaking. but it still doesnt look right.

  1. Find a reference for material:
  2. Define the elements of the material:
    Diffuse color: Dark orange (915208).
    Specular color: Orange (D88B1C).
    Mirror color: Light Pinkish! (D8975A).
  3. I will make my brass reflective so we need to tweak mirror settings:
    Set Ray Mirror on. (Found in Shading\Mirror Transp)
    I used my chrome settings, they work quite nicely in this case too:
    RayMir: 0.86
    Depth: 2
    Fresnel: 0.28
    Fac: 2.93
  4. Tweak specularity:
    CookTor: Spec: 0.665, Hard: 328

I know that these settings are far from perfect but at least they give you a start. Feel free to tweak values and experiment. Try out different shaders (ramp shaders etc.).

D’oh, just noticed it’s too bronzy. Wrong ref pic … no worries, just make it more yellowish.