Help making a bullet

For a website I am making based on gaming, I am creating a bullet for a button.

I found a pic on the Desert Combat mod loading screen that looks like this:

As you can see the bullets look sweet as, and I am certain that they were created using blender. Because a lot of their other screens use the Ter2blend script. :smiley:

But anyways I tried to replicate one of the bullets, here is what mine looks like:

It looks okay, but it still doesn’t have that nice super shiny glow to it.

I’ve tried making good reflections by making the bullet inside a room and adding windows and lights and a table.

But it the reflections don’t look bent like in the desert combat picture.

What objects lights reflection settings should I use to make good realistic reflections?

Thanks :smiley:

You are using either Blender’s built-in ray-tracing option or enviromental maps, aren’t you? I did not really see any actual reflections on your bullet. If you turn them on, it might give you the reflections that you want.

How do I turn on Reflections? :-?

There are two ways of making reflections. The first is by using environmental maps. They are a bit difficult to use, and I myself am not entirely sure how they work. The second is just using Blender’s built-in ray tracing engine (not YafRay). To use Blender’s ray-tracing engine, first, in your render window (F10), activate the Ray button. Then, in the material’s window, go to the Mirror Transp window, activate the Ray Mirror button, and increase the RayMir slider. There are a lot of complex settings, but that is the basic way of doing it. I hope that you can figure it out :).

I thought thats how you do it.

They were on. You probably can’t see it, because it was a dodgy picture.

Here is another, I tweaked a few settings:

OK, here is how you use an environmental map. Place an empty in your scene (near the bullet). Press the N key and name the empty something descriptive like “env.” Then, go into the bullet’s texture settings and set it to EnvMap. For the Ob: space, type in the name of your empty. You should then be ready to render. You will probably want to turn off the Ray option so that you do not get double reflections! You can move the empty around to change the reflection that you get. Just make sure that whenever you move the empty, you press the “Free Data” button in the EnvMap window of the object’s texture. I hope that I have been clear enough for you to figure this out. Also, you have tried increasing the Spec, haven’t you?

A real bullet.

Your modelling is off too, never use another CG image as a reference.

Whats difference between them shbaz?

Also I tried the env map thing, it didn’t really work. :frowning:

Another question, how would I go about making the camera move around the bullet, in a circle?

I know I have to use a curve. But how do I make the camera point at the bullet?


Select camera, Shift-select bullet, Ctrl-T, New constraint.

And some of the differences are the tip is longer (parabolic it seems), the bottom thing is longer and wider (and more complex), the tip has a tiny indent, there’s a lip at teh edge of the thing that encases the middle, and yours is too fat. Stretch it out!

Okay thanks.

EDIT: I have the camera following the track. But the curve is visible.

Like a circular plane. How do I make the curve invisible?

Also because I am using the bullet as an avatar I don’t want people having to wait for 100 frames to load, so will blender cut out some out so its only 20 or something?

Or will I have to use another program for that?

The simplest way is to make it 3D. Then hit TAB a couple of times and you’ll be there. Otherwise uncheck Front ; I don’t personnally know this for being reliable in every case so maybe uncheck both Back and Front.

Also because I am using the bullet as an avatar I don’t want people having to wait for 100 frames to load, so will blender cut out some out so its only 20 or something?

Or will I have to use another program for that?

You can render any number of frames you like : just set Start and End in the Render buttons (F10)


P.S. As an added note : the inspiration you got from another CG image should tell you that the right use of artictic license give life to an image. His bullets weren’t anything close to real ones but you liked them better didn’t you ?[/quote]

well - you can try using yafray and than using HDRI to make it look super cool.

Envmaps are a pain to set up. They’re good for stretching reflections but they tend to be more blurry so the raytracing is more what you want. To use them you don’t actually need an empty. Empties are use for planar reflections like a water surface and map to refl coordinates. For solid objects, the object itself is usually fine.

Anyway, since you’re using raytracing, which I recommend, I won’t go into env maps. To make your image look better, increase the hardness of the specularity and also increase the raymir value. Shiny metal acts almost like a perfect mirror so a raymir value over 0.8 would be good.

i might be wrong here or kinda late,
but unclicking these three buttons will cause paths (beizer or nurbs, ithink) to work and the actually moddel disappear

anyways, how the bullet now??

Well I actually ditched the animation thing.

But here it is in its last stages:

But now I have started on a whole new design:

However there is something missing.


Ambient Occlusion! Just kidding.

Shadows are missing and a good lighting in general. Some Area lights (don’t forget to turn on shadows) may give you better results.

You may also want to change spec and hard values a bit.

Ah, yes the shadows.

I was meaning to ask.

They don’t work. :frowning:

I’ve made spot light, but for some reason there aint shadows.

Also the shadow button is on.

How come they dont show??


Figured it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to turn on Ray Shadow. Why doesn’t buff shadow work?

Anyway, what do you think of it now?

Perhaps an ammo box or sonething in the background to share the attention? they seem a lil… pointless sitting there alone. like theres not enough happening in the image as far as meaning goes.

the shadows definately helped… but imo not many would spotlight a single bullet… try using one of the more area based lights to give all the objects a unified shadow?

The tip of the bullet (the actual part that leaves the weapon) is too smooth. Try adding a very slight bump map to it with the texture going from top to bottom.