Help: making a ribbon for my character head

Hi, I’m new to blender and modeling and wonder how to make a ribbon for my character head?
The place where I want the ribbon to be is angeled and I need the ribbon to be angeled the same way

To make the ribbon, place your 3d cursor where you want the knot to be. change your view to be looking at the back of her head. Add a bezier curve and select the right vertex. Position your cursor where you want the loop to be and ctrl-click your mouse to add/extrude another vertex. Repeat in a figure 8 pattern. Now you have the shape of the bow and ribbon. Now you need to give it a bevel. Leave edit mode and somewhere else in your scene, add a mesh plane. Scale it in the Y direction down. Note its name, like Plane.003. and leave edit mode. go back to your ribbon curve and select it. In the Editing panel, where it says Curve tools, there is a field named BevOb:. Enter the Plane’s name in that field, and your curve becomes a ribbon. Reward yourself by having a cookie and some milk.