Help making curved text

Sorry if this is a simple question (I’m not experienced in 3D modeling at all) but I’m trying to make the Intel logo and am having trouble with the curved part of the text, this is what I tried so far:

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

it looks like you are using n-gons ( faces with more than 4 edges ) which is very problematic if you are going to use a subsurface modifier. you need to go back and make a more even net-like topology, and you should have edge loops along all the sharp edges, which will keep them tight when you subsurface.

Try adding an Edge Split modifier before the Subsurface modifier in the modifier stack. Once you add the new modifier use the UP/DOWN arrow icons to move it above the subsurf. This may work, but as Modron suggests a few loop cuts in the right place will offer up a better surface for the subsurface modifier.

You can add a loop cut to a mesh by putting it in edit mode and pressing CTRL-R. After that move the mouse around to orient the purple line cut that should appear. Once you click you are put in ‘slide’ mode where you can use the mouse, again, to slide the new cut to a non-default location. During the slide operation move the new cut up near the top of the mesh. Repeat the process to add another cut near the bottom.

Can’t help it: Whenever it’s about recreating a logo in 3D, I hear this tiny voice in my head, whispering “uuuse cuuurves… uuuuuuse cuuuuurves…”. That might not be the most glorious of ways (no modeling honour to be won here), however, it’s done in under two minutes:

get the logo’s SVG here.
Not sure how firm you are in vector graphics, but that SVG needs a little work, some of the characters’ shapes are not closed. Not a big deal, though, if in doubt, just save it as a PDF in Inkscape, load it back in and save it as a SVG again.

Import that SVG into blender and extrude/bevel using the curves tab. Add an Edge Split modifier to take care of possible shading artefacts.

And voila:

Concerning the hand-modeling of text, this might be instructive.