Help making keyframe object collide

Hello, I’m working on my first little blender project. Basically I want to have a floating hammer knock over a cup filled with liquid onto a table. I have everything roughly modeled but I’m having trouble making the hammer knock over the cup. Both are rigid bodies set to convex hull. The way I have it set up now the hammer is floating and I have it keyframed to swing and hit the cup, but it goes right through. I see two ways to fix this.

  1. Make it only able to rotate or something, make the pivot point stick in the air. I would rather do this. Is it possible?

  2. Cut a hole in the mesh and make a stand of sorts with a little cylinder sticking out so the hammer hangs on that. Will this work?

And no scripting because I don’t want to get involved with it at this point.

This might depend on which version of Blender you are using. You could do this on earlier versions of 2.4 but it did not work on the latest version. I think you might be able to do what you want by keyframing the rotation of the hammer in the latest rigid bodies (aligorith) version of Blender 2.5. You can download it from graphicall.

Not sure if there’s a way to bake Rigid Bodies’ movement, but I’m assuming you could use the Game Engine for this. That way you can ‘Record to IPO’ (in 2.4x) and get the movement that way.