help making mic (*56k warning*) 1280x1024 image

hey as you read im making a mic with hands and arms but im a noob so i seek help. so far i have the main part of the mic done.
the top is a mesh sphere with a subdivision of 4. all of the faces are deleted and i need to know how to make the links solid rounded and silver.

thanks in advanced

btw pm me and i will send the .blend file

Hey =DUFF= welcome to Blender :slight_smile:

I’m going to give you a very crucial tip that I had to learn on my own when I started: details that can be textured should not be modeled. I see where you were trying to go with this- modeling the mesh that surrounds the mic element, but you’d be far better off (in terms of reality, simplicity, and rendering speed) to use a mesh texture. I found a texture you could use that should fit pretty well (although it doesn’t look seamless from top to bottom). If you’re good with a 2D program you could try your hand at creating your own texture as well. You’ll need to use spherical mapping under the “Map Input” tab of your material to get it to fit right.

You should check out the tutorials building a castle and texturing a castle to get these techniques down.