Help! Making model, made mesh to work on head and now can't edit body!

I’m (obviously) a blender newbie, otherwise I would most llikely know the answer to my problem…

Anywho, I am working on a model for a fan game I plan to make, and I had just finished the body so I went on to make the head. I made a new mesh and started to do so, added hair, you get what I’m saying. Then, When I went to go connect the head to the neck, it wouldn’t let me edit the body. Whenever I went into edit mode, the only mesh highlighted was the head :(. Would anyone mind helping me out?

You can only edit one object at at a time. You’ll need to join the head and body together. Select them both (use shift for multiple selections) and use Ctrl+J. Depending on how you modelled them you may have to fill in the gap between them with faces or remove any double vertices, select all the vertices in edit mode and use W / remove doubles. It may also be best to do Ctrl+N to recalculate the direction of your faces which could have got inverted so you don’t get artifacts when you render.