Help, making music to add with blender animations

(Sutabi-old) #1

Ok here the downpoor,
3 people join up to make a very small animation project.
1 artist
1 writer
1 composer
I am the artist and curretly Funding this first very small project with 1,000.00 USD.

Now I have no problems with using blender to create the animations or adding audio to the animation but I am having problems figuring out what software (free or not) is good to create music that can be outputted into .wav or .mp3 files. I really do need help on this.

Right now I am thinking on purchasing Acid Pro ~400 USD. The writer has already done her job (she wrote a poem I asked her to write) now it the composer’s turn. I have heard her work and she is amazing but it all .mid files. We are stuck a bit right now and I want to get out of this gap asap! Because I am iching todo the damn Storybaording as well as the 3d part.

Once this project is done (about 3 weeks if i push my self hard maybe 2.5 weeks) I will release it, with all the 2d and 3d art work done with it. Then start on our next project. Although I dont intend to use Blender for all my projects I hope to save up enough to purchase Lightwave 7. Then from there maybe a few years open a small studio with all the needed equipment. But before I even go that far I need to get this done. So if anyone can help I would really like the help.

Thank you,
Joseph Montanez

(kai_yak) #2

I been using this fairly unknown software called Orion for about 2 years now. Here is some of its features.

  • many build in sound generator and sampler
  • support vst, vsti dx and dxi
  • Good mixer with build in effect
  • Support for soundfont
  • Easy to learn, powerful and resonable price
  • Good community and responsive developper :slight_smile:


(rndrdbrian) #3

Sutabi, you may want to check out Buzz:

Its a modular real time digital sampler / synthezer / trouser ruffling bass line generator!

Best of all its free!

The full release with all the modules / plugins is 33Mb, but there is a starter version at 2.5Mb.

I certainly recommend downloading it and giving it a try.

If you do try it out, remember to crank the volume control up! 8)


(Sutabi-old) #4

um… very nice but it seemsto be used mainly for techno stuff,I am looking for something i can also create a bit of classical stlye music, with paino sounds and harpstuff

(Sutabi-old) #5

oh please ecuse me i just post a bit late ^^. hn… ill look into that buzz the Orion…just heard some stlyish music that pleases me…still looking @ that but ill lokk @ the link you just post buzz ^^ 2:00am kinda tired but be hard looking around and still going.

(Jolly Gnome) #6

With enough tweaking with the generators in Buzz, you can create almost any sound. It can be used to make classical music too, IMO… though it can be quite difficult, as it’s tracker.

(rndrdbrian) #7

I’m pretty sure that there is a midi file generator in buzz, that is, you load in a midi track and use it to power a generator.

Just waiting on downloading the full 32MB version!


(stephen2002) #8

you can let your composer do their work in MIDI files and then use something like Premier to dub the MIDI files into the AVI files. Or you could just convert them to WAV’s by playing them back on your computer and recoding them while you play by setting the record input to the synth on the computer.

(Sutabi-old) #9

Well I fell asleep @ my computer tring to figure buzz guess I was to tired. I see some nice demos there yes still haven’t sat down to really use it yet.

As you recording midi as wav. I can’t play midi files and record at the same time i need some extra hardware I am figure since the back of my computer has a special plugthingy for playing and recording at the same time. But I’ll my friend if she can do that. She says she has a supercomputer thanks to her brother but she doesn’t know anything about them in general but to make music and install stuff as well as play games… Heh I’ll also try to get her to try the app Buzz. Till then I think this is a lot of help out guys thanks! This probably helping other as well so double thanks!

(Eric) #10

It’s not free, it’s for windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Friday13) #11

Try Anvil Studio. It’s free for making/editing MIDI files.

(rndrdbrian) #12

Thanks for that link Friday13!

I had been looking for a free midi sequencer which was compatible with soundfonts.

Now my search is at an end! :smiley:


(stephen2002) #13

I can’t play midi files and record at the same time i need some extra hardware I am figure since the back of my computer has a special plugthingy for playing and recording at the same time.

You should not need extra hardware. Most cheapo soundcards out there are full-duplex, which means that you can record and play at the same time. You don’t have to deal with any cables or extra ports on the back of your computer.

In windows, go to the volume control and set the recording input to “Mixer” and then open up Sound Recorder (or your favorite WAV recording app) and your MIDI player. Hit record in Sound Recorder and play in your MIDI player and it should end up recoded as a WAV file in Sound Recoder. You may have to fiddle with the volumes to get it sounding right.

(NateTG) #14

fruityloops is a very popular and capable music creator. My friend has composed several excellent songs with it: