help making roller coaster

I’m making a roller coaster made out of 2 curves. I have the camera following one of the curves, and when I do a U turn with the rollercoaster, the curve does a twist, and therefore the camera goes upside down. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Also, is there an easy way to adjusting the speed of the rollercoaster? Like slower when going up and faster when going down.

I have the same problem with the curve twisting.
Try the speed ipo to adjust your speed.

bump still need help guys, c’mon

Try these two articles from blenderbase:

They might help, otherwise can you make the blend file available so we can look at it?

Those articles helped somewhat. Before, after my track did a curve, it was always upside down. But when I rotate it with T, the camera goes back up, except right at the curve. So what happens is that the camera is up, then turns 360 degrees in the prospective view while in the curve, then goes back up when the track is straight again. Using T on the curve only results in moving where the camera does its 360 turn. Anyone knows how to fix this?

I have the same problem from a looooooooong looooong time, about 2-3 years, but seems that there’s no way to do a good coaster in Blender, perhaps isn’t the right program for this thing, sigh… :frowning:

have u seen my a topic called “Roller Coaster in blender” posted by me?

byez and thanks to anyone give help

P.S. sorry for my poor english :stuck_out_tongue: