Help making textures look better?

Hello, I’m working on a project and I’m running into some trouble with my textures. They look really good in my opinion, except they aren’t popping out. Any suggestions for this, without raising poly count too much?

Are you using an Ambient Occlusion map to get the dirt areas and crevices? Have you thought of painting lighter, worn areas on things and maybe adding scratches and nicks, dirt, grunge, etc?

an ao map? How do you do that? is it any different than just selecting ao in the lighting?

and I’ll take those other suggestions, I’ll get some scratches and add them on.

There are quite a few videos, one of mine as well, that can help you understand baking the AO to use in your textures. I usually put it in the texture stack as a multiplied value for color mix mode, and then if I need to keep only the one map, I will bake them all down to one and save that as a separate image.

Also, maybe look at texturing ina well lit environment first before you lower the light level, right now it looks like everything is the same bland color palette and needs color and contrast in places

looking better :smiley:

Would it work in a scene like this?

And am I being too heavy on the normals?

Normal maps/Specular highlights.