help making water running down glass loop!

hey everyone I am making a animation were there is a storm outside a house and there is a kid looking out the window of the house at the storm but i am having trouble making the water run down the glass pane on the window like i don’t know how to make it continuously keep going. do you have to loop it or something or is what im trying to achieve even possible lol if anyone can help please do .

thank you

kind regads me : ]

Set up your fluid object above the window and use “inflow” instead of fluid also make sure that you specify a direction and velocity for the fluid in the XYZ boxes try -1 in the Z direction

then start your fluid sim at like 3 seconds so the water is already running down the window and have it play the normal duration of the animation.

see also

this website has animated gifs showing what each setting does probably the best fluid sim website out there -