Help :-) Masking with cycles?

Can any one tell me how i can make the black area, take a different material. but keep the glass material. I was thinking on the lines of masking but could not find a node for it. The material is going to be Frosted glass. have found a Frosted glass material at blend swap. This is the 1st objected for an open plan bedroom project.

There is no alpha map node from what i can see. This sounds easy one object and a alpha map, black one material, white other material humm!

Make a mix shader, attach it the material out. Plug your image into the mix factor input, plug the glass into one mix shader input, and the frost glass into the other one. If the materials come out backwards, reverse the inputs on the mix shader.

Wow thank you just like that lol :slight_smile:

Very Nice :slight_smile: not perfect it will do for now!!

looks pretty nice :slight_smile: good job!

I agree. Nice result.

Thank you :slight_smile: