Help me and yourself get an XBOX 360

How it works:

  1. Click this link:
    <link removed by mod>

  2. Register.

  3. Complete an offer.

  4. Refer eight friends to register and complete one offer using your referral link.

Then <link removed> (formerly known as Gratis Internet) will mail an Xbox 360 to you (Once the Xbox 360 is released of course). Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? That’s what I thought… UNTIL I READ ALL THE FINE PRINT.

I have read the entire site’s Terms page and know the rules and other little details that go along with getting a “free” XBOX 360. You can view that same page here: <link removed>

Here is an excellent page with PROOF and on how the process works:
<link removed>

If you’re still skeptical, check these out:
<links removed>

If you are brave enough to read through this (Heck it’s worth it to get an Xbox 360), and understand that it does take some time, a few bucks, and effort but will pay off, then sign up using my referral link:
<link removed>

Thanks for helping me and yourself get one step closer to receiving an Xbox 360. :slight_smile:

I’ll race you to the top of the pyramid.


SPAMMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Advertising this kind of scheme is not tolerated here.