help me!!! Blender crashes when rendering

(airuk01) #1

Please help!!!

When ever i go to render ne thing Blender keeps coming up with a fatal error!

I have tried the

button but all that happens is a black box appears in the view that is rendering!

been using my pc with Blender for about two years and never had this problem!

i have an

nvidia tnt2 vanta 16mb with the latest win98 xp detenator drivers

Any suggestions please?

(IamInnocent) #2

Lots of people are having problems with the detonators drivers.

Try disabling the hardware 3d acceleration. If it doesn’t crash anymore, it’s the drivers. Otherwise, maybe reinstall Blender. It has started to do funny things here too after five months of constant use. Well maybe I should blame Windows but I’m tired doing it.