Help me buy GPU and CPU

I am thinking to buy a new GPU for GPU rendering for cycles. I think Nvidia GeForce GTX650 2GB DDR5 is fairly powerful and in my budget. But I have herd somewhere that GTX6xx series are not good in rendering. Can you suggest me a good graphics with similar budget(around 200$) please? I am also buying new CPU with AMD FX 8350 processor. Intel I7 processors are beyond my budget. If there is any suggestion for it please tell me. I need help specially in choosing graphics card.

Have a look at a GTX 560ti 448 cores edition.

For Cycles, get a GTX560/GTX560Ti with 2GB instead.


As far as I can tell, these only come with 1280MB. RAM is much more important than speed - if your scene does not fit into RAM, you cannot render.

I think you’re true. Look at the “ti” version then.

refurb is fine…

or this one…

or one of these…

good choice on the CPU…
the 8320 would save you a little bit of $ if you wanted to do that also…
(you could easily OC it to 8350 speeds it is unlocked people have reported of hitting 4.8GHZ and beyond no problems so going to just 4GHZ would be really simple just raise the multiplier)

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I’m also interessted in a new PC just for rendering and am looking for a config for max 700€, now I found this on ebay

and I was wondering if anyone knows if these graficcards are any good?
it is supposed to be a GTX560 with 3GB RAM for only 158,50€.
Looks like an amazing offer to me and maybe this in an SLI would be better than a single GTX580 3GB and cheaper?

Yours Spero…

Glad I saw this. I was close to buying a 1 gig card. I’ve switched to getting a 2 gb one.

The two would likely be quicker than a single GTX 580. Just remember not to put them in SLI. Blender will still give you the option to use both.

Thank you guys for your support, I will look at suggestions, besides, can anyone explain what is the difference between normal and Ti version? And what is this SLI thing? I may be have to google for it 1st.

Don’t buy these. These are rebranded 550Ti’s that have been sold as 560s. They have only 192 cores (as opposed to 336 on regular 560) and slower memory.

Slightly more cores, slightly faster.

And what is this SLI thing? I may be have to google for it 1st.

It’s for using two GPUs for gaming. For CUDA/GPGPU you do not need it.

Thanks you, Zalamander

The Link I posted before are some strange OEM Versions of the GTX560 with 3GB, I think. They only have 192 Cuda Cores, so probably not really a good choice.
Got myself a GTX570 2.5 GB and I like it :slight_smile:

I suggest that you buy the gtx 650 ti 2gb
It has 768 cuda cores and it costs about $150
which is a fairly good deal…

Perosnally I am gonna buy the same.
I have the same need.
I like gaming as well as rendering. This graphic card is cheap with 768 cuda cores and 2gb vram

I bought cpu and now I have to buy gpu, I am in india and 560ti with 2gb is very costly here, can I use this one:


can you please review this if it is trustworthy:

In short, can I use 560 2gb non0ti version or 560ti version with 1gb?
can you suggest me best rendering card here?:

I’m just gonna throw this out there, but seeing the interest of a lot of people on this subject and the true importance of this, maybe it would be a good idea having a section just for threads on a Tech subject, hardware reviews and things like that

I also think that there should be a section :yes: