Help me do the Tablecloth look more realistic

Hi, ive made this tablecloth but need some advice to do it better.
I added a collision physics on the table and a cloth on the tablecloth but as you can see on the edge of the table on the tablecloth it looks ”inward bumpy” if thats an ok word in english to say😅.

The edges on the table are sharp and 90° if u understand what i mean… i come to think of if right now that i used ”Shade smooth” on the table beffore i added the tablecloth on it. Maybi thats the problem??? Im sitting in my car ftm (not driving) so i cant check that right now.

If u have an other clue so i can just fix this tomorow without guesses i would be grateful… and also happy. Thank you for your help❤️

A smooth modifier after the cloth sim often is advisable. If that creates visible intersections with the table, increasing the collision distance might help.

Also the cloth shows a lot of mesh artifacts. is it also shaded smooth? Subdivision looks a bit coarse. Maybe you should also increase that (modifier also after sim).

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