Help Me Figure Out Whats Wrong!

This just started last night; everytime I do a render, my objects all have this weird patchwork texture on them. Mind you, this is also after I have opened a BRAND NEW project and subsurfed and subdivided to try and get this weird quilt looking work away. If you know how to fix this or know anyone who knows how to fix this…please help me; it’s made me put a halt on my entire project as it just happened last night! Thanks for everything!


its 2 objects in the same space. you made a copy of the can sometime and it needs to be deleted or moved. If you did it in edit mode select all the verts and remove doubles.
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Thanks so much! I think that did the trick…even though now my can has a big crack looking thing in it…it still seems to render okay!

select all verts and ctrl-n recalculate normals outside.

Sweet…you’re alsome shr1k! Thanks again…look in the ALMOST finished section for my rendered image!