Help me find this errant vertex(-ices)

This model has a mis-grouped vertex(-ices) on the right hand near the base of the pinky finger. Otherwise, all is good at this stage of the models development.

To view the problem, grab the right IK handle at the wrist and move the hand such that the elbow bends. A point will begin to stretch away from the base of the right pinky finger. If the hand is below the right shoulder and the elbow is bent, the point will be stretching towards the right foot. If the hand is shoulder height or above, the point will appear to be stretching towards a point in front of the model on the floor.

If anyone can help this N00bie with this skinning issue, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Bob

Its only one vertex that was bad. It can be found in the upArm.R vertex group.

it’s located right here:

Its hard to see in the image. Its right between the pinky and the ring finger.

Thank you for the speedy reply on this most annoying issue. I was beginning to endlessly spin my wheels…1) Let’s check this…2) Let’s check that…3) Goto 1…

Again, thanks so much for the extra opinion and point of view! The easiest way to solve a problem is to step back and look at the problem from a fresh perspective. When you’re developing a personal project, that can be almost impossible!

Much appreciate, Bob