Help me find this, please?

I have done a lot of searching for this on the forum but I can’t find it.

Quite a while back someone was demonstrating how the texture on one object could effect the texture on another, I believe they were making bullet holes appear in the surface of a plane by letting it be effected by the texture on the “bullet” .

Can you help? :slight_smile:


The only way I know to do it is this:

Assign the texture to each object to be affected by it. If the effect is to be different for each object, assign the texture independently rather than giving it multiple users. Then you can adjust the parameters of the texture for each object separately.

Not sure if this is what you mean though.
A question like this is better asked in the Blender general section.


did you ask this in “Blender General” ?

I have now, should have thought of that :slight_smile:

rwv01 : no not that, but thanks anyway :slight_smile: