Help me finish the backrooms footage in Blender

I want to create backrooms footage for my level, the idea of my level is as follows:

The level of endless skyscrapers is -1 000 007 level in the backroom, the level is a huge dark empty space on which there are skyscrapers of various types, heights, and widths located at different distances from each other. Presumably the level has an infinite height, width, and length, but no one knows for sure. Attempts to find out and establish what was in the lower dark space ended in failure, people and objects that got there simply disappeared from sight and disappeared. Various anomalous cases were noticed, as whole skyscrapers burst up, moving at high speed from the lower dark space, and even colliding with other skyscrapers, and also mysteriously quickly disappeared falling through there, cases were noticed how skyscrapers stood right in the sky, were generated on the move, were glued, glued on top of each other, consisted of cities, and had an infinite height. Various atmospheric and weather phenomena were also observed at the level, such precipitation as (rain, drizzle, snow, hail, thunderstorm, lightning, St. Elmo’s lights, etc.) and also accompanied by these atmospheric phenomena terrestrial hydrometeors (dew, frost, ice needles, frost (crystalline and granular), solid raid, ice, ice), various optical phenomena (rainbow, halo, mirage, solar column, dawn, gloria), and even such phenomena as (hurricane, tornado, squall, whirlwind, cyclone, haze, etc.) at the level there is also a change of day and night, and at night the level becomes extremely dangerous, it is completely enveloped in darkness and only dim illumination of light from the windows of other skyscrapers breaks through the dark haze, and also becomes filled with various entities, voices speaking from nowhere appear, as well as auditory, tactile, and visual hallucinations accompanied by this.

And so I created a map consisting of skyscrapers that come straight out of a mysterious dark fog, but I need to add more skyscrapers, and move them closer to each other, and I would like to make my backrooms footage about this level, but unfortunately I have a weak processor, my processor does not pull and Blender writes Disabled to me,_CPU_with_SSE4.1_is_required:
Сохраненное изображение 2022-10-20_21-56-45.168, and in short, I decided to ask you here, maybe someone has a strong processor, can you please make a scene for me? My animation~scene:

more details

In short, tear off my file, find the Level-1000007 file there, and there’s my map in blender, the scene will be like this. - First, from the zero level, where I have yellow wallpaper there, and the corridors of the zero level, there will be the sound of fluorescent lamps, and steps, after which the camera with the effect of shaking walking when moving goes to where there is a hole (there is a type of break ~ transition to my level -1000007 in the wall), and at this moment the sound of wind appears, the camera makes a movement protrudes beyond the hole in the wall of the yellow level, and smoothly looks around up and down, right and left, on the background image, the day is depicted; after that, there is a frame change, that is, white noise like on TV, and the camera turns out to be inside a skyscraper, or on it, the camera looks down at the black fog, and then there is the sound of the antagonist’s voice, something like “Hello, everybody here me!?” and the echo is like in a cave, there is a change of frame, white noise; And then, after 5 seconds, a skyscraper begins to rise straight up sharply from the dark fog, a skyscraper begins to rise close enough to the antagonist, and accompanied by this sound of movement of a massive body such as movements of some monolith on the ground, and it begins to slow down when moving upwards, and then slowly stops and freezes, there is a change of frame, white noise, and the antagonist tries to get inside the new skyscraper; takes some massive object, and throws it into the glass of the skyscraper; breaks through it thereby, and goes inside, enters the elevator moves to the very top, and then opens a great view of the skyscrapers huddled nearby sticking straight out of the black fog, of course, the moment of looking around the camera is accompanied by the sound of a strong wind, and there is a change of frame, white noise; And a sharp change of day to night, with the image of the moon, stars, etc. And at this moment, the space begins to darken sharply, the main antagonist descends into the skyscraper and watches with horror as the dark veil obscures the light from the windows of other skyscrapers, there is a change of frame, white noise; And walking inside the room of the antagonist’s skyscraper, the sounds of knocking on the window, moving away from the movement of knocking on the window from the dark fog of the antagonist, and after glitches, auditory hallucinations, and turning off the lights in the skyscraper, the antagonist wanders into the skyscraper and discovers the elevator, the antagonist enters it presses, the elevator closes the doors and starts moving down, the light in the elevator goes out, the sound of fright, and the backrooms footage ends.

The file itself:

Example of Backrooms footage:
Level 22

Welcome :tada:

hmm :thinking: but there is no animation in your Level-100007.blend

…i think this was lost in the transition from the backrooms to the “normal” world as we know it ?

You are not suggesting that someone makes the scene for you ?? Since your file looks like a collection of some “random” skyscraper models with even different approaches to build them…
(And if your processor is so week why using a Prinicipiled Volume Shader as your “ground”…)

So i’m a bit unsure what you are really asking here…


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I want to do backrooms_footage in blender, I just have a bunch of ideas that I want to implement, but I can’t do it because I have a weak processor, I don’t even have Denoise in Shading… And I don’t know what to do…

Maybe you goal are a abit to hoght now… you have to break it doen to somethng you can do…

Well… like everybody else with anything else… you want it… you have to work for it… spending time and money… nobody can force it without this…

How do you like the new level? LINK

This is the implementation of level 94 in the backroom. One day I will make a good multiplayer computer game with an open world, procedural generation of levels, entities, locations, cutscenes, and it will be just a BOMB! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

My father bought himself a computer with a powerful video card, now I can create a scene on a blender. Let’s see what happens…