Help me fix this please :D

Hello I wonder if you could help me fix the topology of my little dino here. He is going to be made out of triangles in the end. So if some skilled modeller could help me reduce the poly count and correct the web of verticles it would be great;) thanks :smiley:

You will be mentioned in the credits of the game…


Dino.blend (174 KB)

Well, your Dino has almost no polygons at the first place, so why reduce them?

Dinoreduce.blend (152 KB)

Note. Ive just reduced the amount of polygons, did’t fix a thing, cause the topology looks great in the first place. :slight_smile:

btw. you might want to fix the arms. they look a bit wieard in my version. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks…but that is too the extreme xD. How did you do it?:cool:

wow, that dino’s like, uber low poly. what’s he for?

How did you do it?

There is a script within blender called “Polyreducer”. Try play around with the sliders to see how it work. :slight_smile: