Help me follow my dream!

Hello! I’m Jake Ryan and I create EDM music. I recently created a track called “Fight!” and I posted it to one of the Largest records labels talent pool. For the label to consider me, I have to get high enough in the ranks of the pool.

This is where I come to you and ask for votes. It doesn’t require any sign up, just a facebook like.

Here’s the steps:

  • Click the following link:
  • Like the facebook page (don’t worry, you can unlike it after your vote)
  • Click the “Vote For This Track” button that is red under my rank number.
  • Facebook might ask for permission of your friends list and email, I think you can hit skip and still vote. If not, I assure you this facebook page does nothing to violate you privacy. It’s a legitimate label.
  • Watch my rank go up! Every vote counts! One vote boosts me about 5-8 places. So it shouldn’t take many to boost me from 128 to 1!

Thank you all for your consideration and thanks for the votes in advance!

wait… but if you are at a rank that is a power of 2 you should want to stay there :> although i suppose 2^0 is 1 :slight_smile:
sadly, i dont have a facebook account :frowning: