Help me get Blender renown!

Before I get into this I’d like to talk about MY experience with Blender. It was about three (maybe two) years ago, it had dawned upon me that I wanted to make a game. I grew-up as a gamer, and what better occupation to take on than that of a Game Designer? I began the tedious process of learning Blender through meticulous experimentation, and a number of tutorials. At the time, tutorials were rather scarce. I was on and off with the software throughout the years, and with the release of Blender 2.5 (and the immense change with the interface) I decided to drop the program all together.

 About a month ago I decided to tackle <i>Blender </i>head-on. I'm very familiar with the software, and am still learning as of today. I sometimes stay up all night experimenting with the program, and challenging myself with new models. In fact, I am writing this in the morning because I stayed up all night messing around with UV-Textures, Terrain, and Materials. The only thing I haven't totally sunk my teeth into would be python scripting. I quite familiar with Logic Bricks, but the scripting is a bit of a grey area for me. Although this hasn't prevented me from jumping right into this as well! ;)

 Alright this is what you selected this thread for. I want to create a game with Blender. Many games started in Blender are rarely finished. I would like to break that trend. I'd also like to make Blender's Game Engine become well-known amongst the industry. Blender has had much growth from its initial debut, but it needs some more help. I am hoping that the game we manufacture will provide Blender with some more traction into the gaming industry.

 This is what I desire from you wonderful people here on the forums. I desire a five person team. So I basically need four more people. The team requires you have experience in a number of areas concerning Blender <b>(i.e.Textures, Modeling, Creativity etc.)</b>. I also plan on having a sort of "Vlog" posted on YouTube with weekly updates that will illustrate some of the hard-work that is being put into the game. Along with helpful tutorials that can also help budding Blender enthusiasts. If you're interested please answer the following questions presented below:

Proficiency in Blender:
Weak spot in Blender:
What do you believe goes into a great game?
Any Additional Details?
Do you have any screenshots or videos of previous works? If so, please post them.

* When I get the team together I shall discuss pricing, and game sales separately; but, I can reassure the community that no game we release shall be above 10 dollars. *

P.S. Although I am a relatively lenient individual as I do not stress deadlines; however, I would like to stress the importance of keeping the game alive.

I check almost everyday so if you send me an e-mail I’ll probably get back to you relatively quickly.

best game idea ever and only 10$! just let me go get my wallet.

Altalic77, You should also answer your own questions so users which may want to contribute know what you can bring to the game.

I concur Richard. Here it is:

Name: -

Proficiency in Blender: Modeling, and terrain. Terrain may not sound like much, but I have the immense patience to sit there and texture paint three miles of road with a small brush.

Weak spot in Blender: Python Scripting, however I am learning

What do you believe goes into a great game? I find innovation, and creativity all goes into a great game. I see a majority of the games out now usually being clones of blockbusters like Call of Duty. I’m hoping I can, sort of, deviate from this FPS restrictive industry we’ve seem to have fallen into.

Any Additional Details? I’m hoping with this game I can not only bring some more attention to Blender, but establish a name for ourselves as Blender Game Engine innovators. High hopes I know, but I have been known to be a dreamer.

Do you have any screenshots or videos of previous works? If so, please post them.

It might be a good idea to tell us what kind of games you intend to make so you can attract people who are interested and are good at making a game of that such. I have to say this does sound like a good idea and I would like to join but I feel that I don’t have enough experience with blender.

Great idea zbryanz. I actually plan on making three games.

Game #1: A side-scroller which relies on stopping time, and some destructible environments, with a silly/comical storyline. It’ll incorporate some platforming, and minor puzzle-solving skills. A game like this can be low-poly, with only medium attention to detail. Since the camera will be moving and the it’ll be farther away from the actual player. (Unlike an FPS or Third-Person Shooter which relies on staring at the same thing).

Game #2: A, sort of, resurrection of the old Resident Evil games. I plan on creating a completely different storyline, and different creatures; however, I want to retain the core aspects of what a survival-horror USED to be. When I was younger I played Resident Evil 2 and 3 religiously. I was always on the edge of my chair because Nemesis was on my tail and I was running low on ammunition. Now games like Left 4 Dead are considered Survival Horror. Not that they’re technically “wrong”, but I miss the old Survival-Horror games.

Game #3: FPS Tower-Defense Game. This may sound a bit hypocritical on my part as I just ranted about Call of Duty, but I think it’d be very interesting. It’d have two-player co-op, and have five maps to choose from. This will be the hardest out of all the projects. I plan on having five large maps. I have a rough synopsis in my head, but I’d rather focus on Game #1 at the moment. Since I think it’d be the best thing to begin with as of now.

Wow that sounds cool. Hey Atlantic77 have you played sanctum?

Sounds like you got some great ideas, but I think before people will join up, they will need to see that you have what it takes to a( manage a team and b( have some good work to show. I would also advice against paying games until you’ve released some free ones, so people can see that it’ll be worth it.

Either way, will be happy to support your games.