Help me get caucht back up?

Hi there, I’ve not used Blender since around 2.47 and I’ve just recently come back after using Maya exclusively for a few years at school.
Obviously, Blender has gone through some changes since I last used it. I’ve read through a few things like “Where’d that button go?” (very helpful) and others, but I’m still missing a lot of obvious/common things (Took me 5 minutes to find loop cut!).

Is there anything along the lines of the “Where’d that button go?” post that go into more detail about the various rearrangements and changed to the workflow? I’m having a very hard time getting back into the flow of even basic modeling and it is rather frustrating.
Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

Here’s a few tutorials for beginners, might be a little basic but I found them very useful.

Lol, I’m going from blender to maya at animation school soon :smiley:
try these