Help me guys??

Yeah, I am trying for a Japanesey feely thing, and so the floor-boarding doesn’t really go, but, leave me alone :frowning:

Before I start adding objects into the scene, what should I do to improve it?

And also - Can you see the noise by, the the two wood-coloured beams, and in the corner just by them? I’m using Yafray, with…2,000,000 Photons, and so, how’d I get rid of that noise?

Also, I know the beams look rather poor. How should I go about texturing them?

Any reply is greatly appreciated :smiley:



It is looking good so far, if a little lacking in details. I can’t see any noise personally, although that might be a result of the image being resized. I don’t like the black lines in the corners of the wall personally - that might be the noise you mean. If so, I can’t reallly help - I’ve never used YAFRay. My main suggestion would be to bevel the edges, if you haven’t already, as otherwise it looks a little blocky. As for the beams, they look alright as they are - if you want to put a UV texture on it, I would suggest putting seams along the edges by the walls, which would allow the grain and the sides of the wood to line up properly.
Anyway, good work, it looks nice and clean.

Thanks, I thought it did look nicely white, and pure (?).

Yeah, very simplistic at the moment…I’m hoping to add some typical Japanese, thin, wooden framed sliding doors, and I’ve already modelled them, it’s just when I add it to the scene, there’s tooo much noise from the photons etc.

Any suggestions as to objects I should put in the scene? I’m thought about some plant, a table…?

Thankyou again;

I’ve used some radiosity this time, I think it’s nice…

But…It’s as if there’s a light in that corner, when infact there’s not? All the light gathers there? Anyone know what’s causing this?

Also, for sure you can see the noise by the beams, what should I do to get rid of that?

Thankyou in advance;


You don’t need radiosity for this scene, unless you want the walls to look like Teflon.

What you should do, is set your lighting as though it were in real scene. Think like a photographer too. You can cheat some light into the scene, if needed.

Lighting is everything (especially if you use YafRay), it makes or breaks your rendering. Incorrect lighting can ruin a perfectly well meshed project.

Look here at what lighting can to to the same identical meshed scene. Maybe you should try it yourself…
(By the way, the Blender one is mine, on the first page)

japanese feel. make the step step-up into a room that was the sliding doors and have the floor texture in there a tatami mat.

picture for explantation:

close up of the tatami mat:

hope that helps.

To make nice boards download wood workshop from here

This page maybe inspire you what to add|lang_sv&q="japanese+interior"

Where can I get something similar to wood workshop, for Linux?