Help me hotkey specific floating windows.

Aka. Press a hotkey > open a floating window of Image/UV editor. Press a different hotkey > open a window of Node Editor, etc…

Bonus: Press the same hotkey again, and it closes the window, aka. Press hotkey > open float of Image/UV editor, do some work, press same hotkey again and if the Image/UV editor is already open, close it. Press again, re-open, etc…

Thank you so much for any help (this was a standard in my beloved discontinued application and after a year with Blender, I still miss it). -Cheers

Not floating windows but close enough.

Not what I am looking for but thank you. you see here…
““in the corner of any window, where you pull the window to seperate a new one (looks like three diagonal lines) hold shift as you move it, it will seperate the window from the main window (ie undock it)””

I want a floating window like that, preset to UV/Image or Node editor, or whatever when I press a specific hotkey. I would really appreciate help getting to this solution. Thank you very much.

I guess you don’t like to split the screen. The next best thing requires two steps, you can duplicate the blender window “Ctrl Alt W” (you can change that shortcut) and then Shift F2 3 4 … to change the floating window.
I guess there isn’t a way with a simple key press.

I need to write a script for what I actually want. Can someone help me, thanks. (and thank you rambo, appreciated, picked up a few tricks, but honestly, after a year switching over to Blender and this is really slowing down my workflow).

The last few weeks, even though I love Blender, I’ve really been sad and missing Softimage. So after reflecting, it became obvious, I just need to fix the things in Blender I don’t love and get rid of all of my workflow bottle necks.

This is the first thing slowing me down and wearing on my patience constantly. (In softimage if I wanted to edit shaders, just press 7, if I want to edit UV’s, just press alt+7… need to show the outliner, press 8 and so on…) I could work with one Huge window and just quickly pop up anything I needed. (next thing I need to really get right is a UV workflow, but one thing at a time I suppose, I’m not in a major rush, just need this stuff set right) thanks Rambo