Help me! How to make loading game in Blender2.5?

How to make loading game in Blender 2.5 ?

I want example loading game between change Scene and loading game is show percent.

Thank you so much

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the old Blender supports displaying a scene in between another scene dynamically. The only thing you could do before Blender 2.5 is put over the screen a scene or plane that says, “Now Loading…” that couldn’t animate or determine the amount of loaded data.

However, the new Blender can load certain objects (like models from a blend file) using the LibLoad function, I think, so you could measure that number of loaded items, and display a loading bar from that data. If you load the data using a function like LibLoad, use an IPO to scale up the loading bar.

Yeesh, I guess I should switch over to 2.5 then?