HELP ME!!! I DON'T HAVE 2.25!!!

(Zego) #1

Ok, here’s the thing. When I went to download 2.25 for linux it didn’t work. :frowning: I have linux i836. Anyways, I forgot to download it for windows as well. I have publisher, I have a license key, but I need the new version. Can someone please send it to me for windows and/or linux?


(gargola) #2

2.25??? is there a 2.25 version? where is it?

(BgDM) #3

Zego: is your liscence for 2.24? If so, does that mean you automatically get 2.25? If so, you may want to talk to Kib or soemone who has it. They may be able to get it to you. Not sure though.

gargola: 2.24 & 2.25 were only available with a publisher liscence. If you did not purchase one, you are SOL and will have to use 2.23. Sorry.


(gargola) #4

oh! ok! :slight_smile: