Help Me Learn Blender

Hya guys.
I am new to Blender and I find it hard to learn Blender piece by piece so I wanted to ask if there is a book-like tutorial over the net that teaches you A LOT of Blender stuff in sequence, so I don’t have to look for different tutorials (I once tried Noob to Pro on Wikipedia. it lost me pretty quick)?
I mean more of an online book, and not a real one because I’m just a kid (Just under 14 years old) and I don’t have either the money or the means to buy a real Blender book.


You should see the official manual:

The legendary Gus the Gingerbread man tutorial:

Search out and do video tutorials. They’re much better than the others, because you can follow along exactly, making sure every step of the way that you haven’t gone wrong. With the other tuts, if you make some tiny mistake, it’s much harder to get back on the right track. I just run the tut on one side of my screen, as small as I can still see it, while trying to follow along with Blender on the other side, stopping and backing up the tut as needed.
Here are some to get going:

Give this one a try.
I wrote it when I was a novice and could still remember what I had problems with. Its a .blend file with the instructions visable while you follow them so you don’t need to minimise/restore/try/mimimise/try ect…
( That gaming community that’s hosting it sure liked it anyhow…)