Help me make a perfect render please

Hi to you all
I recently started blender for working purposes, and today i’ve finished the model i wanted to do.
But now, i want to do a perfect mesh with a perfect render. I was making a helmet and there is the render i made with render cycles but i cant post it.
I wonder if someone could help me a get some perfect renders with some external renderers

Best regards, ZeWize

What do you mean by the ‘perfect render’ ?
What does your model look like ?
What material settings are you using ?
What lighting and scene setup ?
What does the render look like ?
What do you want the render look like ?
What external renderers are you looking at ?
Why specifically do you need to use some external renderer ? What features do they have you specifically need ?

In Settings -> Render Tab -> press “perfect render”
Then go to material editor -> Shaders -> pick a “helmet shader”
Hit Render and you’re done.

How to create a good mesh:

How to create a good render using Blender Cycles:

Heh… Yeah, people are poking fun at you right now, but most-assuredly with the “wink! wink! wink!!” control set all-the-way on. :smiley:

There is no such thing as a “perfect” … anything(!) … in show-biz. There’s only a computerized rendition that is good enough (and, perhaps, “not one bit more!”) to satisfy the customer/director a-n-d meet the Almighty Deadline!

Therefore … “c’mon, show us what you got.” Do a render, save the image, and just go ahead and post it here. “Park your Ego at the door.” Then, tell us what you think about it – particularly, what you’d like to improve.

Unfortunately no one can be told how to do the perfect render.

Thanks a lot it worked perfectly, no i am sure i can release the model for the public :o:o

Nope, seriously, what i meant was “Please can some one take my 3D model and make a realistic render with it ?”
Please, i urgently need it, please i prraise you all.
I am not bale to upload any image anywhere, i dont know why

Thanks to you guys for your correction especially the tip marcoG_ita gave me, you are the best.
Well, i see that i didn’t formulate my request correctly.
What i meant was "Please can someone be generous enough to make an extremely realistic render of my model? I cant post any image here or any where becase of my shitty connection so…