Help me make my MMO(mini multiplayer online)!

Hi, Aliatt here.

I consider myself to have a decent knowledge of the Blender Game Engine, and I’ve decided to try something ambitious.

Now, the first thing that came to mind was, “Let’s make an MMO!” this was my heart’s idea, to which my brain replied, “Shut up, heart.”. this happens a lot.

I’ve decided to try something a little smaller; making a mini-multiplayer game! Instead of having millions of players, I could just have 3 or 4 playing together.

'Course, that isn’t gonna be cakewalk either. I have quite literally drawn a blank on what to do here. What I’d like for you folks to do is, give me some output and/or advice on how I might going about making this monumentally miniature magnum opus of mine.

Thanks in advance!

You said you have knowledge… can I see?

Don’t take it personal, but for a lot of people (including me) a user with 4 posts wanting to make a MO game is… well… let’s just say It never turns out right (it usually never even turns out!)

Plan the game slowly. Show me some work. Most people around here probably think that my project tCoL is dead… it’s not… I just don’t post progress on these forums, why? Because I have negativity. If you want to avoid this kind of negativity, don’t post any progress till you have something to show.

Also don’t beg for a team. (not that you are) but, it truely shows off your ‘noobiness when you ask for a team’

Hey. If you’d like some help and ideas, message me at [email protected] on MSN messenger or shade729 on AIM

right now there is a little fad on the forums called “Blender City,” just a bunch of posts with city objects. The future goal is to make it a game, check it out. It is new, so you shouldn’t have trouble, with veterans who are working on it (since there are none).

Its good to see that you’ve realised the “massive” is a bit silly. What type of game are you planning on making?

I have written a tutorial on making servers for online games and how to use blender for an online game; Creating a Server for a (Blender) Game. If you need some more specific info PM me.