Help me make this less awful, please.

Hi . . . I have this dinosaur thing, and it needs improvement in several regards. I’m not skilled enough to do these procedures, but if you could help, that would be great. First, the feet need work. I’d like them to actually have okay-looking toes (four on the front feet, three on the back). The tail spike also needs to be rounder and less pancake-ish. Also, the plates could use some general work to stand out. Other than that, some general improvements such as more detail would be nice. If anyone really wants to shoot for the stars, I’d also like eyelashes (don’t ask). I’m placing an image below, and if anyone is interested in helping me, I’ll send you the file by personal message.
Sorry if I’m vague about this. This is really my first time doing anything like this. :o


Come on, don’t give up. The model itself is not that bad. You’d see many that are much worse. Try to finish it yourself. Just try to separate objects that should be separated, unless you really want it to be one mesh. (you may do this process in retopo if you plan to do one) These include tongue, teeth, maybe those shields on teh back (I don’t even know the correct English word for it :), spikes, or maybe claws. As for the toes - try to google more angles of images of them for reference.

I think my main problem is that I’m using Sculptris to model it, and it’s getting harder to use, since it crashes on me every now and then. I’ve tried to smooth the tail spikes, but they just won’t budge. The feet, too, are hard to get into, but I suppose that’s just practice. Does anyone at least have a good elephant foot model that I can use for reference?

Blender’s sculpting system works just fine, and is great for subjects like this… so use that instead in the future, if Sculptris keeps crashing on you. As for a reference image, just search in google images because there’s tons of them there. As for the spikes, you probably didn’t have enough geometry in them to really be even be able to sculpt it. But it really isn’t all that bad!

Hey guys! Thank you for helping me. I took your advice, and I made my sculpt more passable. I was wondering, however, if someone could do a very basic rig for it? I have no idea how, and although I’ve tried, it just ain’t working.

Not a model, but you could look at some photoreference.

How is the rig going? I am not a expert on rigging, but I know the basic, so I could maybe help you with it.

first the model needs to be retopologized for animation friendly workflow :stuck_out_tongue: 364,111 Tris is a little too much for this model… and it will perform/deform bad in this shape

Well, I’ve been working on the model some more, but as far as rigging is concerned, I have no idea what I’m doing. How do I decrease the number of faces?

It´s not just decreasing the number of faces. If you want to animate, you need good topology (basically how your edgeloops flow over your model)

When you model, in Sculptris or Blender, you don´t care as much about topology as detail. But when getting to the stage of texturing and animation you need to retopologize it. There are a lot of videotutorials for this on youtube. See one good example below:

Mind that this is a slow and tedious process, you need patience to do 3d (smething I need to get better at as well…)! :wink: Look at a lot of wires of 3d models to get the feel of it. Google images is great for this! Search “3d topology” and that´ll get you started.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

Also, if you want to become a better rigger (or even understand how someone else’s rig works) take a look at Humane Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl.