Help me make viewport switching in 2.8 better!


several times, I’ve reported a bug which significantly limits Auto-Perspective feature in Blender. If this issue would be fixed, it would allow Blender 2.8 to have a lot more intuitive view switching workflow, which would make both keyboard view switching as well as pie menu view switching obsolete in favor of much more intuitive workflow.

I have made a video explaining the big potential for improvement:

I have reported the issue two times:
And both of them it was thrown into a dead TODO list no one reads anymore.

Therefore I need your help. If you are in favor of this improvement, please help me support it in the thread on devtalk:

Thank you!


It was not supported in 2.79. So, it is not a bug. It is a feature request.
Feature was thought to make change from an ortho side view to a user perspective one.
But not in the other direction.
And as is, it is normal to be archived as a ToDo.

Having its request marked as a ToDo means that developers are agreeing that is useful and should be done. It is not a dead end.
If they were disagreeing, they would have rejected your report as invalid.

Of course, each dev has an enormous ToDo list. It can take months or years before that thing that you pointed will be done.

@William replied on devtalk about where the auto-perspective option is now since User Preferences window redesign.
Unfortunately, we don’t know if he assigned the task to Dalai or Clément.
If it is currently a minor task for them or not.

I use numpad keys for views related to active selection more than for standard view.
I use viewport orbit snapping.
But I don’t like autoperspective. I prefer to keep all my views in ortho mode.
But I can understand that people using autoperspective would prefer to have it working with orbit snapping, too.
You are right to call for support from people judging it useful, to increase its priority level.
Maybe people against that could explain why they would prefer to keep current behavior.

But don’t suggest that is ill will from devs when they validate your point.

Then just don’t turn it on. Easy. No need to let everyone know how that it’s not your workflow. I remember you specifically on this forum because of how you are constantly outspoken about how you want everything to stay the old way and how you mostly dislike any new changes.

I get it, if I spent time writing an entire book on something that’s became mostly obsolete in a single year, I’d be probably frustrated too.

Your reasoning doesn’t make sense. If something was a bug 2.7, then it still is a bug in 2.8. The reason I dispute that it is not a bug is following. This is a description of the Auto Perspective feature:
If you use orbit snap to snap to some of the aligned views, you will clearly, explicitly snap to one of the views Auto Perspective feature supports:
Yet the feature doesn’t do what it’s described to do, automatically switch the persp/ortho state for you. If the feature is described to perform A but does not perform A, that’s a bug.


That is not true. I don’t dislike all new changes.
I just try to explain why I don’t perceive any exposed idea as modern stuff or standard as a good move. But I think I proved that I may change my mind when people bring good points.

I agree that makes sense.

But I also think that a dev can sincerely consider that viewport orbit snap probably having been made after autoperspective feature. (both are old stuff) That may be a feature request.

I just encouraged you to be less dramatic and to consider that may not be top priority of devs.


So do I, but I mean - It’s worth raising your voice in case when someone proposes something which would alter your workflow. But as you stated, you dislike auto perspective. In that case you probably have it turned off. So when I propose improvement of its behavior when its turned on, there’s no loss for you. So the description of how you use Blender doesn’t really add much to the conversation.

Granted though, maybe I overreacted a bit since I perceive most of your posts to have constant “against the change” undertone, which I find unfair given the tremendous amount of improvement, especially in terms of usability, that Blender developers have pulled off in recent year.

I just add that as an example that maybe, the fact that other people don’t use the option.
And as a reaction, I was hoping that people using it will engage into the thread to give thumbs up to your suggestion.

Just saying that I don’t like to use a Blender feature. It does not mean that I don’t like that Blender have this feature or that I am pleading for its removal.

I can understand why you felt like that.
It is because everybody is praising their good work that I often feel the need to expose limits or corner cases. It is true that I don’t always praise them in my posts while my mind is focusing on those negative points.
Often because positive points have already been exposed in previous comments.
I am not a fan of single column layout arrangement. I am against categorization of brushes by their tool type. But for the rest, I am mostly happy with 2.8 design.
I don’t deny that is good work.
When somebody exposes a feature request inspired from another software, I will remind the blender way to obtain same result if he did not explicit said that he knew it and detailed the benefit of a new way.
When I am enthusiast about a new feature, I often try to push its author to go as further as I can see possible improvements. That may be perceived like I am abusing or not enough grateful.
I try to be moderate. But we are all humans. And none is perfect.

Fair points. Sorry for being harsh :slight_smile:

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Tested this morning, it seems to be working as you asking for. So perhaps I am misunderstanding.

With “Auto Perspective” enabled, I can be in some arbitrary rotation in perspective mode. Then hold “alt” while orbiting with middle mouse and it will snap to front/right etc and will switch into orthographic mode.

That’s interesting. I wonder if they fixed it right away :expressionless: Will check… Thanks!

Nope, that’s not it. You have most likely mistaken it for the viewport turn feature. That one is really weird, as it doesn’t properly work unless you are starting from an aligned view already. It’s completely unpredictable most of the time. That one should IMHO be removed as it does more harm than good.

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Yes, my bad. Sorry about that!

Do you know where the Viewport Turn feature is called?

I’m trying to set up Blender 2.8 for people looking to switch from Maya to Max and want to set everything up using the new Industry Standard key mapping.

Unfortunately the Alt-MMB flick isn’t working (with the new remap) and I can’t figure out what it’s doing.

Hi, it is called Orbit and use Alt+LMB.
A list of the keymap:

Cheers, mib

That’s not quite it! It’s the movement that happens when you Alt - MMB flick. Not just orbit.

Ah thank you so much! I don’t think I would have found that. I can get back to the Maya / Max config for co-workers :smiley: