Help me model this fox and I release the references public domain

So, I have a wood carving of a fox that my mother bought me as a gift, I want to model a fox in blender. So far I haven’t been able to find a good guide on how to coordinate modeling from reference photos. The noob to pro guide that uses a wolf toy just isn’t working for me.

If anyone wants to help me model this, I’ll release the photographs to public domain. Or if someone has a link to a tutorial / guide to modeling animals, that’d help me out too but I’m not finding them for blender.

Here’s one of the images.

I’m looking for conceptual learning here.

If this is for a quick project then I’d follow the Noob to Pro page.
Extrude and shape. You’ll get the hang of it.

But if you want a nice mesh,
You need to study topology, understand edgeloops, flow, how they give shape.
take a look at the sticky on Poles and Loops.
Also, study some muscle diagrams if you decide to go this way.
Searching for wireframes would be great as well so you can see the edgeflow.

Here’s a wire of my wolf that I’m working on,
And quadrupeds are mostly the same, just variations in shape.
Hope this helps.