Help me move some IPOs

Viewing the file reveals both arms at the sides, fingers fully extended at frame one. The fingers begin curling almost immediately, even though the figure does not clasp hands with fingers interlaced until frame 121.

I would like to duplicate the finger-extended position at frame 1 then move the copy to frame 111 of the IPO curves. Thus the fingers will begin curling at frame 111 and finish at frame 121, with the hands clasped.

From this background comes my question; Can I group-select the finger bones, duplicate them, then simply drag them to their new place on the IPO curves? Or must I manipulate each individual bone?

As there are 3 bones in each finger times 10 fingers, that would be much manual labor. Can anyone help me in this project to avoid this massive amount of painstaking manipulation?

Thanks, Bob

Check for tutorials on both the NLA and the Action Editor. Don’t try to duplicate individual bone IPOs, that would be time consuming and probably lead to errors.

donno if this helps for you but in the NLA window go to the keyframe you want, select (with B) all keyframe knots you want to duplicate, hit ‘Shift+D’ (already entering drag mode) and move them to the place they should be (press shift to aling to frame boundary). that’s how i do it, hope it helps.