Help me name my game.

So while my project is not a big AAA title in anyway or by any means…I HAVE been contacted about using the name ‘Valiant’ it is already in use in so many titles from comics and video games that I do not think it is an issue, but it was always a WIP name to begin with…so…

I have opened this thread in search of name suggestions...who ever does have a name I like will OFC be credited...but in order for that to happen people need to know the summary of the story...

it basically revolves around ‘Fergus’, a drunkard hermit sheephearder who, through a turn of events, needs to save a dragon from an evil princess(not a very new twist, but a fun one)During this time there is an ongoing struggle with bandits and ofc the orcs…and that is about the gist of it…I do have a longer version in an excel/calc document that covers a lot more, but I am not sharing that with the public…

so if anyone can help me...I would be very interested in what anyone comes up with. and maybe change the world name...currently I am running with Myrlea(MER-LEE-AH)

​The Legend of Myrlea

MoreGone Epics


Don’t take me too seriously:

Fergus and the evil princess
The quest of Fergus
DragonHero 2
Drunkard and Dragon
Princess Murderer
“He used to protect sheep, Now he’s saving dragons” (In an epic movie voice)
RPG storyline 3b
Working Title
The Shepherds Quest
Against the Throne
Under Dragons Eye
High Eyrie
Gates of Fire
Saving Scales
Across the Far Reach
Third Star

And a special mention to… Oversheep. Definitely not the name to pick

I actually like some of them…I am not making a very serious game and want some humor. Some are clearly too offbeat ‘RPG storyline 3b’…but that’s fine…Keep 'em coming…I will decide by the end of the week.

Here are some of my suggestions:

The Sheepherder’s Guide to Saving the World
(or To Saving a Dragon)
The Tried and Twisted Tales of a Drunken Hermit
(you can insert “Sheepherder” instead of Hermit for the above title if you want)

Sheeped!: The Many Convoluted Adventures of a Drunken Sheepherder
(for a one-time plot twist, you could instead replace the latter phrase of the above title
with The Somewhat Heroic Epic of a Drunken Sheepherder)

Sheep Hero: The Somewhat Heroic Adventures of a Drunken Sheepherder

Fergus the Drunken Dragonherd: Hero of Myrlea
(As in “Fergus the Drunken Shepherd”, which could be explained in the plot)

The Legend of Fergus: Epic of a Drunken Dragonherd

I doodled up some art for some of my more sensible suggestions. They look pretty bad up close, but if you stand about two meters from the computer screen they aren’t too bad.

Ta-daa - click me :smiley:


The Harlem Globetrotters: Valkyrie Bloodbath
I don’t hate eyrie anything, or under dragons eye…keep 'em coming guys/girls??

I like the world name you have so far.

reminds me of

Don’t feel any pressure to use the art (or the names). I drew it because I need to do something other than programming to stop myself going crazy - and it was a fun way to spend half an hour.

Hmm. More names?

Shepherds Watch
While Dragons Sleep
Shepherd to swordsman
Tails and Trials
Dire Dragon
Orcslayer 2000
Swords and Sunglasses (your hero doesn’t have sunglasses? Aww)
Myrlea Madness
Beneath the Myrlea
What slumbers within
The Queens Lair

I will continue to add ideas as they come on my first post in case you are interested.

LoL i like it already :
" - Blender Game Project Valiant"
Keep it serious i like serious projects, i own 1 myself so yeah id advise u to add some dash to yr Name for your Game.

Then if u make a sequel you’ll have a:

  • Blender Game Project Valiant 1
  • Project Valiant 2
  • V.A.L.I.A.N.T 3

It looks like if you make up to a 3 you’ll have Great Graphics on UPBGE. (if you make it properly)Lol optimization will kill you though, but you’ll learn to manage it im sure u can its possible right?

Stay serious i like seriousness.


Hiahadron or somethin?

yeah, maybe the name should not be silly, but simple.

maybe just Myrlea?..I will not decide until friday though.

offtrack is a name you could use.I am sorry if I am late.

Not at all…I will choose on friday. I live in Germany so time zones may vary.

I am currnetly thinking “The Dragon of Myrlea”…kinda generic…but I am fine with generic.

Or main title “Myrlea” subtext ‘the dragons sheppard’ or something

Of Myrlea
Valiant One(s)
Shadow of the Dragon
Shadow of Myrlea
The Beast of Myrlea

I also like The Dragon of Myrlea. It tells a lot about what the story is about, and the original world name makes it less generic, in my opinion.

I kind of like the second to last one.

“Shadow of Myrlea”

I’ll still wait 'till friday…it is definitely in the running though.

I am still looking for a name, but what my Boss (wife) and I came up with is…

Myrlea “The Sheppards Tale.”

I am still open to other suggestions though…